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Rwandan student at Shanxi University praises China's development

Rwandan student at Shanxi University praises China's development

Song Hua (second from right) at a social event organized by Shanxi University in Xiangyuan county. [Photo provided to]

Song Hua (Chinese name), a Rwandan student who has lived in China for five years, is still excited about what he sees in China every day.

"On TV, the internet, in life...everyone has a smile on their faces during the National Day holiday, and I feel closer to China," said Song.

Four years ago, Song came to Shanxi University in North China's Shanxi province to study economics, and he is now a postgraduate majoring in management science and engineering.

One of the most striking advancements Song has noticed in China in the past few years is that life has been getting more convenient.

Compared with other big cities in China, Taiyuan where Shanxi University is located has a relatively small population. Public facilities such as parks and roads in the city are being continuously improved, giving locals many more choices for leisure and entertainment.

Song considers Taiyuan his second hometown and believes it has become more livable and more people are enjoying the fruit of the city's development.

During this National Day holiday, scenic spots, major shopping malls, and shopping streets in Taiyuan were all bustling with people, which made Song notice Chinese's ever-increasing spending power and emphasis on quality of life.

"Travel, fitness, photography... I find that more people around me are willing to spend money to enjoy life, which I never thought about before studying in China," Song said.

He believes that China's prosperity would not have been possible without the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the continued efforts of the Chinese people.

"In China, safety and development are given top priority. This is also an important reason why I continue to study here after graduation."

When it comes to the future, Song is full of expectations. In his postgraduate studies, he hopes to gain a deeper understanding of China's development model.

"Much of China's experience is reproducible. After returning to Rwanda, I will apply the things I have learned to develop my own country and make it better," he said.