Xie Jianwei

Xie Jianwei is currently a doctoral supervisor and a researcher of the Toxicology Research Institute at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and State Key Laboratory of Antitoxic Drugs and Toxicology. Xie also serves as the director of the Military Chemical Poison Toxicity Testing Center, is standing deputy director of the Military Medical Academy Sub-center at the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, a standing committee member of the Toxicology Committee at the Chinese Society of Toxicology, and is also a national-level new medicines evaluation expert.

In 1985, Xie obtained a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Shanxi University.

In 1988, Xie obtained a master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry from Shanxi University.

In 1995, Xie obtained a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from Xiamen University.

Since 1997, Xie has been working in the Toxicology Research Institute at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

Xie has years of experience in the study of toxicology analysis, mass spectrometry, medicine analysis and medicine quality control technology -- and has published more than 170 academic papers in domestic and international journals.

In recent years, Xie has also completed over 10 key state and military projects. He won first prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award, taking first prize in the Military Science and Technology Progress Award and received the special prize for Science and Technology Award of the China Analysis and Testing Association. He was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award of Food and Drug Quality Testing Technology, under the 2015 China Pharmaceutical Development Award.