SXU advances Au nanoparticles research

SXU advances Au nanoparticles research

A diagram in Shanxi University's research article published inPhysical Review Letters[Photo/]

Researchers from the Institute of laser spectroscopy at Shanxi University (SXU) recently published their findings on Au nanoparticles inPhysical Review Letters, a leading academic journal for physics and related disciplines.

The research article, entitledCoherent Interference Fringes of Two-Photon Photoluminescence in Individual Au Nanoparticles: The Critical Role of the Intermediate State, was jointly written by co-first authors Li Yao and Yang Yonggang, and corresponding authors Qin Chengbing and Xiao Liantuan.

Professors Jia Suotang and Zhang Guofeng also participated in the research.

Aimed at bottlenecks in the application and development of Au nanoparticles, the research team led by Xiao Liantuan proposed a three-state model and presented two-photon photoluminescence measurements on individual Au nanobipyramids to reveal their ultrafast dynamics through double-pulse excitation on a global timescale, which reveals the role of intermediate states in the ultrafast dynamics of noble metal nanoparticles.

In recent years, Xiao's research team has been systematically studying the coherent ultrafast dynamics of single molecules, Au nanoparticles, and quantum dots, with related discoveries and achievements published in journals such asNano LettersandThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, and boosting application prospects in quantum precision measurement, optical sensing, and biomedicine.