Key special disciplines projects of Shanxi province in development

Key special disciplines projects of Shanxi province in development

Research, development and industrialization of intelligent training and health care


Protection and development of intangible cultural heritage of Shanxi province


Population, resources, environment and social change in the Fenhe River Basin


Protection and development of science and technology for tourism resources with Shanxi applicability


Research on Shanxi coal industrial chain in transformation and development


Application of integrated chemical technology for highly efficient coal utilization in the extension of coking industry and green agriculture


Application of biotechnology for enhancing efficient utilization of biological resources with Shanxi applicability


Enterprise-oriented information processing and service using cloud computing and embedded technology


Coal gangue utilization and biological remediation


Status of Shanxi in the course of civilization, evolution and historical development


Research on protecting worker interests and maintaining social stability in Shanxi


Ecological reconstruction technology for ecologically fragile areas and industrial and mine areas