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2022 Opening Ceremony Held

On September 9th, Shanxi University held the 2022 opening ceremony at Hongyou Stadium on Wucheng Campus.

Nearly 10 thousand undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students of 2022 from all over the country attended the opening ceremony. With their youthful faces lighting up the stadium, they were full of expectation to have their first class in university.

“We shoulder the expectation; we strive for self-improvement. Let’s go through ups and downs and raise hope for tomorrow...”. With the energetic youth version of the school song, the opening ceremony began. The aerobics performance “Running, Youngsters” quickly lit students’ enthusiasm. Martial arts dance, original songs, medleys and other programs showed the youthful vigour and the positive spirit of SXU students. Loud cheers and applause filled the stadium from time to time. New students from 24 schools cheered loudly, knocking on the door of the new journey to their dreams.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, as the Five-Starred Red Flag rose with the solemn national anthem, all the teachers and students were facing the national flag, standing in salute and singing the national anthem in chorus. The opening ceremony officially began.

The school badge is one of the symbols of a school. Wang Yanglin awarded the school badge to 10 freshmen representatives, and all the freshmen stood up and wore the school badge. From the moment when they wore the school badge, they will be connected closely with Shanxi University. A small school badge carries the glory and mission of SXUers, encouraging students to inherit the school motto, keep fighting, compose the song of youth, and share the glory of Shanxi University.

To enthusiastic applause, President Huang Guitian delivered a passionate welcoming speech with “Write the Song of Youth, Continue the Chapter of 120 years” as the theme, giving the vivid and unforgettable first class in university to all freshmen.

“36 years ago in September, I came here as a freshman majoring in computer applications, and from then on except for seven years’ study elsewhere in between, I have been here all the time.” Professor Wang Wenjian from the College of Computer and Information Technology spoke on behalf of all the teachers. She told about her struggle from a student to a teacher. She hoped that students should always be grateful and try to be a warm person; they should be committed to the pursuit of excellence and try to be a person of depth; they should cultivate a strong sentiment to love families and the motherland and try to be a person of noble consciousness.

Lv Hongyu, a student representative from the College of Music, shared her experience of studying in Shanxi University. With the honor and pride of being a student of Shanxi University, she encouraged new students to be brave in learning and exploring, hone their practical skills, cultivate a strong sentiment to love families and the motherland, strive to grow into an independent, tough, comprehensive and promising young man. She believed that all the freshmen will continue to write colorful stories about Shanxi University, and strive to compose the youth movement of self-improvement and serving the country.

On behalf of the undergraduate freshmen, Liu Liu from Chumin College shared his original aspiration to choose Shanxi University to study basic disciplines. He said: “Difficulties themselves are not worth fearing. The important thing is to learn real knowledge, build professional capacity and contribute to the construction of the motherland.” He hoped that his fellow students would have a sense of mission and responsibility, show the boldness of SXUers to forge ahead for the further development of the country as well as their tenacity of staying true to the original aspiration, and respond to the call of the times to write a promising life.

“The six years at Shanxi University have helped me grow and transform, and gradually outlined what the future would look like.” Guo Yu, a doctoral candidate from the Institute of Science, Technology and Society, completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Shanxi University, As a freshman, he will start his study career as a doctoral candidate: “From now on, we will work with the school to make progress step by step, make plans ahead of time, implement them persistently, learn to look up to the stars, and also step on the earth to find our own pace of life as soon as possible, cultivate our feelings, love scientific research, and practice hard, and write a wonderful chapter in life at Shanxi University.”