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Shanxi University’s 120th Anniversary “Cloud Celebration” Platform Launched

On May 8th, the 120th anniversary day of Shanxi University, the university launched the “Cloud Celebration” platform, inviting alumni at home and abroad, people from all walks of life, and teachers, students and staff of the university to gather online to celebrate the grand ceremony.

At the opening ceremony of the “Cloud Celebration” platform, President Huang Guitian delivered a speech. On behalf of Shanxi University, he first extended festive greetings to the faculty and staff members, students and alumni of the school, and expressed sincere respect and heartfelt gratitude to friends from all walks of life who care and support the development of Shanxi University. He pointed out that the 120th anniversary of Shanxi University is an important milestone to inherit fine tradition and usher in the future mission, a new starting point for the development of all teachers and students of the university, and a glorious festival celebrated by the whole university at home and abroad. We must bear in mind the history, all the suffering and glory of yesterday; we must be down-to-earth and worthy of today’s mission; we must pursue excellence and live up to tomorrow’s glorious dream. Reviewing the battle against the epidemic that the whole university had just experienced, he firmly said that no matter what difficulties and obstacles  we might encounter, we will go straight with an indomitable spirit. The epidemic does not reduce family affection, and the celebration on the Internet was wonderful all the same. Shanxi University launched the “Cloud Celebration” platform to invite alumni from home and abroad to gather in the “cloud” to share the joy of the 120th birthday of their Alma Mater. He finally said that the epidemic will eventually dissipate, and there will definitely be a time to get together. When the epidemic comes to an end, Shanxi University will choose the proper time to hold a development conference and a literary and artistic performance for the 120th anniversary. At that time, all faculty and staff members, students and the alumni and friends from all walks of life will celebrate the 120th anniversary together.

The “Cloud Celebration” platform has 9 sections to show the characteristics and achievements of the school in a multi-dimensional and panoramic way, allowing the alumni to relive their youthful days, to recount the friendship between teachers and students, and to celebrate the birthday of their Alma Mater.

The “Cloud Tour” includes 200 scenes of three campuses with audio explanation, which can bring you back to the place where your dreams began. The “Cloud Lighting-up” allows alumni from home and abroad to light up their locations, allowing more alumni to reunite in the cloud. The “Cloud Avatar” allows you to change your favorite exclusive avatar to celebrate the birthday of Shanxi University. The “Cloud Event” has the latest information, photos and videos of the celebration, where you can share the joy of the 120th anniversary together. In the “Cloud Blessing” section, you can upload texts, pictures and videos and write your unique story with Shanxi University. The “Cloud Cultural Creations” allows you to attach your feelings to the exclusive creations of Shanxi University. The “Cloud Retrospect” allows you to jump to the alumni information applet, authenticate alumni identity and meet more like-minded alumni. The “Cloud Donation” brings together the efforts of alumni to help Shanxi University build a brighter future. The “Cloud Group Photo” allows everyone to visit campus landmarks online, take pictures with alumni or Alma Mater, and reminisce about the good days in college.

Celebrate the 120th anniversary and forge ahead in the new era. At the festive moment, the “Cloud Celebration” platform, carrying glory and dreams as well as gathering feelings and strength, brings alumni at home and abroad together in the cloud to wish Shanxi University to write a new chapter on a new journey.