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Shanxi University Holds a Conference to Celebrate 2022 Teachers' Day and Commend Outstanding Teachers

To welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and respond to the call of nurturing the root and soul of the nation and educating talents of the new era, on September 8th, as the 38th Teachers’ Day was approaching, Shanxi University held a meeting in the second conference room of the Conference Center to celebrate the 2022 Teachers’ Day and commend excellent teachers who have made outstanding contributions in teaching and educating people. Party Secretary Wang Yanglin, President Huang Guitian, Deputy Party Secretary Li Fuming, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission Zang Yunfeng, Vice Presidents Cheng Fangqin, Lu Yuhong, Sun Yan, Ma Jie and Hao Ping attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Tiancai, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the university.

At the meeting, Li Fuming announced the commendation decision. All school leaders presented awards to the winners of such honorary titles as “Teaching Model”, “Teacher’s Morality Model” and “Excellent Young Teacher”, and shook hands with them to express congratulations. Huang Guitian issued certificates to the representatives of the title winners of “Outstanding Teacher” and retired teachers.

On behalf of the school, Wang Yanglin extended festive greetings to all the faculty and staff, congratulated the honored individuals, and paid tribute to the retired teachers who made important contributions to the school’s development. Wang Yanglin reviewed the school’s achievements in the past year and thanked the teachers and staff for living up to their mission and working diligently. The teachers of the whole school interpret the responsibilities of the people’s teachers with practical actions, show the style of a good teacher in the new era, and promote the development of the school to present a vibrant new look.

Professor Ma Aiping of Law School, Professor Zhang Xindong of School of Economics and Management, Professor Wu Hongpeng of College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Teacher Jia Shimin of High School Attached to Shanxi University and Professor Li Xiuping of College of Physics and Electronic Engineering made speeches as award-winning representatives, sharing their experience of studying, teaching and doing scientific research in Shanxi University and telling about the mission and responsibility of being a teacher.