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SXU launches postgraduate training center in Xiangyuan

An important launch ceremony takes place in Xiangyuan county on Nov 17. [Photo/Shanxi University]

A foundation ceremony for the Shanxi Demonstration Base for Joint Postgraduate Training on the Integration of Industry and Education in Solid Waste Utilization was held recently in Xiangyuan county in North China's Shanxi province.

The demonstration center was jointly established and developed by Shanxi University (SXU) and the Xiangyuan county's government.

In recent years, Shanxi University has promoted the integration its industry, education and research, as well as the development of the solid waste utilization industry.

It has also established the Shanxi University Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Changzhi (Xiangyuan) R&D base with Xiangyuan county, which has helped the energy revolution in the province.