School of International Education and Exchange

The School of International Education and Exchange was established in 1993. Since 1993, the School has made positive impact nationally, cultivated high-quality international students and developed international cooperation projects. It has provided an avenue for the internationalization of education in Shanxi University.

The School is sponsored by China Scholarship Council(CSC), Shanxi Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship(CIS). The School is recognized as the “Demonstration Base for Studying in China” by the Ministry of Education of China, as well as the the "Chinese Teaching Base" by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. The School also cooperates with HSK to set up HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) test centers, providing comfortable and considerate services for the examiners.

The School is responsible for recruiting and managing international student, as well as organizing classes of Chinese language and Chinese traditional culture. The School now consists of the Party and Government Office, the Admissions and Graduation Office, the International Students Management Office, the Academic Affairs Management Office, the Teaching and Research Office and the Chinese Culture Teaching & Research Office.
The top mission of the School is to cultivate high-quality international students. The School insists on furthering international collaboration, improving school-running mode and strengthening quality guaranteeing system. By constantly improving international teaching ability, combining ‘bring in’ and ‘going out’ strategies and providing professional courses, the School aims to cultivate high-quality international students with international horizon and Chinese Complex and establish a world-class institution with higher international education.

The School of International Education and Exchange takes pride in excellent faculty. So far, the school has 14 faculty, including 3 Professors, 3 Associate Professors and 8 Lecturers. Most of the faculty have overseas education experience, have abundant teaching experience and hold the “Teacher Qualification Certificate of Chinese as a Foreign Language (Advanced)” or “International Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate”. In recent years, as is requested by many national ministries and commissions, 6 faculty have taught in Confucius Institute in U.S., 3 faculty have taught in Philippines, and many faculty have participated in cultural education activities organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. The faculty members have undertaken various research projects, ranging from National Social Science projects to provincial research projects.

The School has actively promoted Chinese culture towards the world by providing Chinese traditional culture classes, which include the general track, (which is divided into 10 levels), as well as elective courses such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Tea culture and Chinese traditional instrument. Taught by experienced faculty, those classes seek to increase international students’ Chinese traditional cultural awareness and foster their understanding and appreciation of Chinese traditional culture.

The School has been committed to exploring and propagandizing traditional Chinese culture and cultural resources with Shanxi characteristics, with the attempt to tell positively Chinese Stories and Shanxi Stories. The School has organized various activities such as “Chinese Bridge: Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe”, “My Story of Chinese Hanzi”, “Pingyao International Photography Festival” and “ ‘Belt and Road’ Singing Competition”. Students of the School have made excellent performances in those activities, contributing to the mutual-understanding among Chinese and international students.