Chumin School

The Chumin School of Shanxi University was established in in September 2009 in active adaptation to the reform and development arising from the intrinsic dynamics of higher education. The school is named after Mr. Deng Chumin, the first president of Shanxi University after the founding of the People's Republic of China. The Chumin School prioritizes student’s academic foundation, broadness, research, practice and innovation, with the pedagogy of interdisciplinary and comprehensive cultivation for all majors. It aims to cultivate the excellent talents with broad and solid academic background as well as the potential for future development and innovation, thus designated as the experimental base for reform and innovation of undergraduate education at Shanxi University.

The school now has the experimental class of liberal arts (literature, history and philosophy), the experimental class in science (applied chemistry and biological sciences), and the experimental class in engineering (data science, big data technology and finance). The faculty are from the outstanding teachers at the university. The study program includes two stages. The first stage is for general education consisting of the basic and common courses of the relevant majors. In the second stage students study in small classes the courses of specific majors. The academic supervisor guides each student across four-year undergraduate study. The students will graduate with double degrees. The eligible students (~30%) may be recommended for graduate study for master’s degree with exemption of entrance examinations. The school sees the three-year average of 60% graduates going for graduate studies and the overall employment of 90% or higher, far ahead at the university. The program is well received in society.