School of Physics and Electronic Engineering

The School of Physics and Electronic Engineering was established in 1997. It is housed in Wuli Building on the Wucheng campus. And in Dec. 2019, the Department of electronic information engineering was incorporated into the college. At present, it has 255 staff, including 30 distinguished professors. And 1500 undergraduate students and 900 graduate students are studying in the college. Since the establishment of the Department of physics, more than 10000 excellent students have graduated, worked, and contributed to the society.

The college is devoted to excellence in teaching and research. It has laid the profound academic and scientific research foundation with the great effort in the past several decades since its establishment. It currently boasts various disciplinary platforms, including “Talent Training Base of National Basic Science Research and Teaching”, “National Pilot Program for Training Outstanding Students in the Basic Sciences”, “Provincial and Ministerial Collaborative Innovation Center of Extreme Optics”, “State Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices”, and so on.

It runs 4 undergraduate majors, 12 master programs, 1 professional field of master of engineering, 8 doctoral programs, and 1 post-doctorate research station. The college provides the core courses for the undergraduate and graduate students in physics, optics, quantum physics, electronics, communication, and offers a number of graduate projects every year. Research in the college covers the fields of CW solid laser, quantum information process, atomic and molecular physics, low dimensional material, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, astronomy, communication technique. The faculty members are excellent researchers committed to push forward the frontiers of science and discover new knowledge. The acquired national projects have sustained increase in recent years, including 973 National Projects, 863 National Projects, National Major Research Projects, and the Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation. So far, two projects won prizes for National Natural Sciences and one project won National Technological Invention Award.

In 2022, the physics discipline was approved as a national “Double World-class” construction discipline. Currently, the college is running on a new journey toward a more wonderful future.