School of Modern Educational Technology

Established in April 2017, the School of Modern Educational Technology of Shanxi University, formerly known as the Modern Educational Technology Center of Shanxi University, is an academic support institution directly under the university. In November 2000, the Computing Center and the Information Network Center of this university were merged to establish the Modern Educational Technology Center. In June 2014, Taiyuan Electric Power Institute of Higher Education was merged into Shanxi University, and its Network and E-learning Center was incorporated into the Modern Educational Technology Center.

The school is mainly responsible for the public computer courses, network security and information technology construction of our university. Our School has Party Office, School Office, Campus Network Center, Card Service Center, Supercomputing Center, Teaching and Research Office of Public Computer Courses, and Public Computer Laboratories. In order to better serve the students and faculty, there are card centers on all three campuses. We have 34 faculty members, including 3 professors, 1 associate professor and 6 senior engineers. There are 3 people with doctoral degree and 13 people with master's degree. There is one doctoral supervisor and three master's supervisors.

Our school currently maintains a core campus network with a bandwidth of 10 Gigabit to the building and 1 Gigabit to the desktop; a private cloud data center of more than 200 square meters; a set of HPC with computing power of 500T flops, including 2 head nodes, 8 storage nodes, 200 processor cores; 3 sets of hosted computing cluster systems; 6 public computer laboratories with more than 1000 computers, occupying a total area of more than 2000 square meters. The wireless campus network covers most of the teaching buildings and dormitories, facilitating access to the campus network resources and providing a modern network environment for teachers and students of our university.