School of Mathematical Sciences

Basic information of the discipline: This discipline founded in 1936 has a first-level discipline doctoral degreeauthorization point in Mathematics and a national first-class undergraduate major in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and has Applied Mathematics Center of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Key Laboratory of Mathematical Techniques and Big Data Analysis on Disease Control and Prevention, Science and Technology Innovation Team of Shanxi Province. It has 69 faculty members, among which 21 are professors and 34 are associate professors, and all of them received Ph. D degrees. Fifty-one person-time have won honors at or above the provincial or ministerial level or titles of various talents,including 1 National Excellent Teachers and 2 provincial model teachers, 1 member supported by the National Excellent Youth Fund and 2 winners of the Government Special Allowance. In the recent five years,it has won 45 national projectswith a total research fund of more than 20 million yuan, including 2 key research and development projects of the Ministry of science and technology; it has published more than 600 papers, and won 2 provincial and ministerial level Science and Technology Awards(natural science), including 1 first class prize, 1 special prize and 1 first prize of provincial teaching achievement award.
Discipline orientations and characteristics: There are three orientations within the discipline. Namely, Fundamental Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Operations research and Cybernetics. These orientations involve six fields of specialty or strength, including Functional Analysis, Algebra, Biological Mathematics, Graph theory, Control theory of distributed parameter systems, and Partial Differential Equations.In the fields of Functional Analysis and Algebra, the ξ-Lie product theory is established and the blasting mechanism of nonlocal elliptic equations is revealed,and won the second prize of provincial science and technology; the equivalence and series open problems of the primitive inductive pairs of the characteristics index. In the fields of Biological Mathematics and Graphtheory, based on dynamics analysis of epidemic patternsand intervention strategies of human infectious diseases, the theoretical system of complex dynamics of infectious diseases involving clustering, correlation and self-adaptation is established, and the intelligent data platform of infectious diseases and provincial key laboratories are set up, which have been applied in foot-and-mouth disease, brucellosis and COVID-19, and won the first national fund key project in the field of biology and mathematics and the first prize of provincial science and technology;the open problem of generalized race graphs proposed by Bang-Jensen, a famous graph theory expert, is solved. In the fields of control theory of distributed parameter systems and Partial Differential Equations, the ADRC method is extended to infinite dimensional systems, the orbital planning method is proposed to solve the problem of non-equilocation in the output regulation, and was invited to write a review in the annual journal of control; the energy transfer mechanism of hyperbolic coupled equations with damping feedback is revealed.
Education Program: The discipline implements the excellent talent program of bachelor, master and doctor and joint cultivation at home and abroad, and aims to cultivate innovative talents and compound type innovative and entrepreneurial talents with solid foundation and strong responsibility to serve the local economy and national construction of Shanxi Province.
Students and Alumni: Inrecent five years, the discipline enrolls 41 Ph.D. students and 292 graduate students for MS degree with 32.2%acceptance rate, and897undergraduates from 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China.
Domestic and foreign influences:Among the teachers, there are 2 scientists with high global citation, 1 member of the Teaching Steering Committee for Mathematics Specialty of Higher Education, many directors of national societies, many editorial board members of important journals at home and abroad, and many international academic conference reporters. Among the graduates, there are the winners of national Outstanding Youth Foundation andNational hundred excellent doctoral dissertations, senior talents in famous universities or research institutions at home and abroad, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, and leading cadres in the State Council, other governments, enterprises or institutions, etc.
The training of statistics graduate students in Shanxi University can be traced back to 1978, when two statistics graduate students were recruited.  In 1984, Shanxi University was approved as the major of "Applied Probability statistics", becoming the first local university to be approved as this major.  In 1986, it was granted the first-level discipline Master's degree authorization in Mathematics, and began to recruit graduate students in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics. In 2010, it was granted the first-level discipline master's degree authorization in Applied Statistics. In 2011, it was granted the first-level discipline master's degree authorization in Statistics.  In 2020, the major of Statistics was approved as the first-class undergraduate major construction point of Shanxi Province in the "Double Thousand Plan". In 2022, the major of Statistics was approved as the national first-class undergraduate major construction point of the "Double Thousand Plan".  

There are 5 professors and 8 associate professors, all of whom have doctorate degrees. 90% of full-time teachers are under 45 years old. 6 teachers have visiting experience at home and abroad, and 7 have won provincial talent programs.  
There are four main research areas: (1) Mathematical statistics, (2) Statistical machine learning, (3) Financial Statistics, Risk Management and Actuarial Science (awarded science degree), (4)Applied Statistics (awarded Science degree).  
For the last five years,  Academic publications include Information Sciences, Neurocomputing, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics,  IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters,  Journal of Classification, Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, Statistics,  And "Systems Science and Mathematics", "Computer Research and Development", "Applied Probability and Statistics", "Journal of Information" more than 50 academic papers, 6 authorized invention patents, 10 software Copyrights, published 1 book, undertake research funds of more than 3 million yuan.
Important breakthroughs have been made in machine learning, text data mining and social and economic statistics.  "Research on the relationship between stock Return Reversal Effect and bid-ask spread" won the second prize of Shanxi Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award in 2020;  "Co-occurrence Latent Semantic Vector Space Model and its Research on Text Topic Clustering and Recommendation Application" won the Second prize of Natural Science Category of Shanxi Provincial Universities Excellent Achievement Award (Science and Technology) in 2019 (Award Number: 2019KJ004);  "Research on the High-dimension Aggregation Model of Digital Document Resources" won the second prize of Shanxi Provincial Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) in 2019;  The investigation report on the curriculum system reform of university statistics major in the era of big data won the second prize of 2018 Excellent Research Report of Shanxi Association for Science and Technology.  "Research on the Evaluation Index System of Industrial Competitiveness" won the first prize of shanxi Social and Economic Statistics Research Project in 2021;  "Shanxi Regional Economic Development Research" in 2020 Shanxi Province social and economic statistics research project evaluation and appraisal first prize.