School of Automation and Software Engineering

The School of Automation and Software Engineering was established in 2020 by putting together the former School of Software Engineering and the Department of Automation. At present, there are 80 full-time teachers in the school. Among them, 40 teachers are with senior titles, 43 teachers are doctoral or master supervisors, 40 teachers are Ph.Ds, and one is "double-qualified" teaching in Shanxi Province. The school is entitled to confer 2 first-level master's degree (Control Science and Engineering, and Cyberspace Security), and a professional master's degree in Electronic Information. The school has 4 undergraduate programs, including Automation, Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, and Software Engineering. Control Science and Engineering is a key construction discipline of Shanxi Province. Automation is the first-class construction major in Shanxi Province. Mechanical and Electronic Engineering is supported by the comprehensive professional reform project "GO PLM" of the Ministry of Education. There are totally 3919 students, including 142 postgraduate students. The school has a high-level engineering practice center and advanced experimental equipment. The school has established a comprehensive school-enterprise cooperation mechanism with more than 10 enterprises. The employment rate of students in our school has always been in the forefront of the University.