School of Physical Education

At the beginning of being founded in 1902, Shanxi University offered courses of gymnastics, football and tennis. It held the 1st Combined Sports Meeting of Shanxi Province and the 7th North China Games in 1919. The Physical Education major was established in 1951, which became one of the earliest 16 Physical Education departments in China. It was upgraded to a four-year Physical Education department in 1958 and renamed as the Physical Education College of Shanxi University in 1996, which has a long history and solid foundation. The Core goal of the discipline is to build a high-level classic discipline with strong comprehensiveness and distinctive characteristics, cultivate and practice the core socialist values, take the road of connotative development and characteristic development, continuously expand the scale, gradually improve the level and highlight the excellence of discipline construction. Now it has the unique Physical Education discipline authorized to offer doctoral degree in Shanxi Province (2011), a post-doctoral scientific research mobile station of Physical Education (2009), a Physical Education discipline authorized to offer master degree program (2006) and professional authorization point of master degree of Physical Education (2006).
  The college has 3 undergraduate majors which all have been selected into the national “Double Ten-Thousand plan”. Among them, physical education and sports training are national first-class undergraduate major construction points, martial arts and national traditional sports is provincial first-class undergraduate major construction point, and social sports guidance and management are national five-star major.
   With advantageous resources and platforms of Shanxi Province physical education characteristic key discipline, Sports Development Research Center, Higher learning Institution Humanities and Social science Key Research Base of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province Student Physical Health Monitoring Center, Shanxi Province Physical Education Postgraduate joint Education Base, Shanxi Province excellent Traditional culture and Art Education Base of Xingyiquan , Shanxi Key Laboratory of Sports and Human body science, Shanxi Province Youth Campus Football Special Training Base, Shanxi province "1331" Project key innovation team, National Social Sports Instructors Training Base to improved its comprehensive strength and core competitiveness , the college has become one of the physical education college with complete discipline platform, remarkable sports competition results and high professional level among domestic comprehensive colleges and universities. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of education, the "overall level of discipline" entered the top 20% - 30% of the country with grade B.
Adhering to the advantages of teachers, the college has formed a teaching and scientific research team with high quality, strong ability and good team spirit. There are 123  faculty members, including 12 professors, 34 associate professors, 36 doctors, 8 doctoral supervisors and 50 master supervisors. The college has members of the National Education Steering Committee for postgraduates majoring in physical education, international referees, national referees, provincial famous teachers, excellent teachers of Baosteel award, leading talents of emerging industries in Shanxi Province, special experts of the government, innovative talents of middle-young aged group and Sanjin talents totaled 26 persons.
  The College implements the national strategies of " Olympic Glorious Program " and "National Fitness", actively serves the needs of local economic and social development, and builds a professional talent training system with "discipline advantages + regional characteristics + industry urgent needs". The College insists on cultivating moral values and promoting quality education, focusing on the cultivation of students' innovative spirit and practical ability. Many Olympic champions such as Dong Dong and Chang Yongxiang, and outstanding talents such as Sun Zhengping, Tang Wen, Yan Zhentang, as well as processional scholars such as Chen Xiaoping, Qian Minghui, Wang Jian were graduated from the college.
The College has also made remarkable achievements in competitive sports. With bold innovation and breakthroughs in training concept, the college develops a teaching management model with local characteristics to cultivate outstanding athletes. Since 2016, the College has been listed in the Top 100 Sports Competitions of China's General Universities every year, with the best ranking being the seventh in China. Graduate students of the college actively participate in various sports events at all levels, have made remarkable achievements in track and field, swimming, water polo, trampoline, wrestling, basketball, table tennis, football, bridge, archery and other  events.
The college has an elegant environment, reasonable layout of infrastructure, complete facilities for teaching and research, training venues and experimental instruments. Over the years, with the cooperation platform of "Production- Learning- Research- Application", the college has established cooperative partnership with the Chinese Research Institute of the General Administration of Sport and 7 national sports teams and well-known sports enterprises. The college has also established training practice bases jointly with Shanxi Armed Police Corps and Shanxi Drug Rehabilitation Bureau. With the cooperation of "military sports integration" and "sports detoxification", the college combines theoretical innovation with technical application, pays attention to the transformation and application of achievements, and effectively improves the social service ability of the discipline. With the criteria of "innovation, quality and community involvement", the College has created a number of landmark achievements that are highly visible and influential, for example, the college has obtained more than ten national patents, and some of the achievements have been transformed, with products sold to major stadiums nationwide. In the past five years, the college has undertaken more than 100 scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial levels, including the National Social Science Foundation of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and various provincial and ministerial research projects. In terms of publication, 39 monographs and more than 400 high quality academic papers published. In the area of textbook development, there are 32 national textbooks were edited by professors in college. In addition, the college obtained 4 national software copyrights and 4 national awards.
Despite all the great difficulties ahead, we determine to make efforts to overcome all of them from now on. The College of Physical Education of Shanxi University will not forget its original intention and continue to move forward, carrying the honor of sports of Shanxi University and casting glory again.