School of Philosophy and Sociology

The School of Philosophy and Sociology in Shanxi University grows out of the Department of Philosophy which was set up in 1980 and changed to the present name in 2003. Now there are 58 staff, including 12 professors, and 13 associate professors. Now, the school has the authority to award PH.D. and M.A. of the primary discipline of philosophy, among which, master's degree program is subject to award sociology, demography, also, we have three undergraduate majors as philosophy, ethics and social work. Through the last 30 years, the college has experienced a steady and leap-forward development, has trained a large number of specialized subject and undergraduates, master and doctor, etc, who now work at every level across the country, especially in the province's colleges and universities, the academic research institutions, party and government organs and enterprises and institutions, and gradually become the backbone of all departments.

In 1983, in the leadership of professor Zhang Enci, the academic team won the master's degree of marxist philosophy program, which become one of the first to get a master's degree award authority unit in Shanxi Province. In 1998, in the leadership of professor Guo Guichun, the academic team was awarded the Ph.D programs of science and technology philosophy, which is our province "zero breakthrough" humanities and social sciences doctoral degree; In 2000, in the discipline leadership of professor Guo Guichun, the academic team get the ministry of education humanities social sciences key research base, as well as the philosophy of science and technology research center; In 2002, the philosophy of science and technology was named the national key disciplines; In 2005,the award to PhD and master's degree level, is so far the only level 1 discipline of humanities and social sciences doctoral degree in Shanxi Province, which boosts an important influences on shanxi in the aspects as ascending the overall strength of humanities in the university, as radiating the construction of philosophy and social sciences in the province, and as well as servicing the development of the local economic and social society. Since 2007, the School of Philosophy and Sociology has entered the stage of collaborative innovation in interwoven multidisciplinary subjects. In 2012,the “philosophy and modernity” has developed into construction platform for the advanced and key disciplines with advantages of collaborative innovation in Shanxi province. In 2016, the“Climbing Plan”for advanced disciplines in philosophy was approved, also, Philosophy was integrated into the support program for advanced disciplinary construction in provincial colleges and universities. In 2017, Philosophy was selected as the "1331 Project" construction plan in Shanxi Province. Meanwhile, under the opportunity of “Joint Ministry-Province construction” and the “First-class Discipline construction”in Shanxi University, the school of Philosophy vigorously has been introducing leading and senior talents. New research Centers for Analytical Philosophy, European Philosophy and the Yi-ology were set up. Also, the talent plan and the strategic development plan are being implemented , and the overall disciplinary competitiveness and the academic influence are being advanced.

During the past 30 years, the institute has always followed the rules of the development of higher education, always put serving the local economic and social development as the fundamental purpose of Shanxi Province, training the  high-quality innovative talents as the highest goal, has gradually formed a timely, advanced, scientific system of professional courses. The college undertakes all kinds of scientific research topic with more than 200 items, among which more than 50 national issues, to more than 8 milliom RMB scientific research funds; Published academic monographs, translations, and more than 150 textbooks; Has published papers more than 800, of which the "Chinese social science", "philosophy", "dynamic philosophy", “studies of dialectics of nature”, “the philosophy of science and technology research”, and other core journals published more than 200; has Various scientific research award more than 40. Our college actively introduce foreign advanced teaching material, support the classic course, bilingual class, practice class and elaborate course. The course——“Principles of marxist philosophy” and “logic course” was rated as "excellent course" of Shanxi Province, the report of our college students' study repeatedly won the first prize of "challenge cup"; Students’ popular journal "owl", which is distinctive, quality and excellent, provides students with the scientific research training ground.

In the “thirteenth Five-Year Plan” and quite a long time in the future, in order to conform to guarantee the development strategy of comprehensive strength of shanxi university, we would be guided by the cultivation of innovative talents in philosophy and ethics, and applied talents in social work. aiming at building a research institute, and constructing discipline with a high starting point, high standard, we will promote the internationalization of teachers, teaching and scientific research development, make the college become a first-class in the province, the leading research base, as well as the education center of domestic philosophy.