School of Law

The Law School of Shanxi University grew out of Law Science Department, which was founded in 1906 and belonged to one of the three branches of literature, law and engineering of Shanxi Grand University that was officially changed as Shanxi University in 1931. The Law School was the largest school with the largest number of graduates in Shanxi University at that time. Louis Bevan, Liu Shaobai, Ji Gongquan, Mei Ru'ao, Du Renzhi and Cheng Guliang and other famous jurists taught in the Law School in the period of the Republic of China.
After the launch of Reform and Opening-up Policy of China, the law department was reestablished in 1980 and then transformed into a college in 1996. It was listed as the first batch of law schools which entitled to award the Master’s Degree in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. It gained the qualification to award Master's Degree in all disciplines of law in 2005. In 2018, it acquired the qualification to award Doctor's Degree in all disciplines of law. It was selected by the Politics and Law Committee and the Ministry of Education as the “Base for Cultivating and Educating Excellent Legal Personnel” in 2012. It was approved as a National Intellectual Property Rights Training Base in 2013.The Research and Consulting Base for Local Legislation of Shanxi Province was established in the Law School of Shanxi University in 2014. In 2019, the law major was named the national first-class undergraduate professional construction site. The School of Law has become an important think tank for the development of rule of law in Shanxi Province.
The Law School has 57 full-time faculty members, including 14 professors, 21 associate professors, and 22 lecturers. Among them, 43 teachers have doctor's degree, 22 teachers have overseas education background. The School of Law keeps close contacts with law education institutions of universities in USA, Japan, Britain, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and other countries.
More than 10,000 undergraduates and postgraduates have graduated from the Law School since the reestablishment of the School of Law. Most of them become backbone in promoting rule of law or advanced workers in various fields, for example, Qi Su, "National Top Ten Judges"; Yan Wei, "National Model Judge"; Liang Tongdong, "Outstanding Party Member of the National Lawyer Profession"; Sun Xiang, "National Top Ten Loyal Guards of the Armed Police"; Wang Tiemei, "National Outstanding Communist Youth League Cadre"; and Zhang Ruibin, "Outstanding Peacekeeping Police Officer"
After a century of vicissitudes, in September 2021, the Law School moved to the Dongshan Campus of Shanxi University, starting a new journey in the development of the Law School.