School of History and Culture

The School of History and Culture is one of the schools in Shanxi University with more than a hundred years’ history. When Shanxi University was founded in 1902, Western History (World History) and Ancient Chinese History were compulsory courses for students of both Chinese and Western Academies. In the summer of 1936, the Department of History was officially established, with Zhou Chuanru head of the Department. In 1978, Archaeology Major was set up. In 1993, the major of Tourism Management started enrollment. In 2001, Museology major began to recruit students. At present, the School has two first-class doctoral programs in disciplines of Chinese History and Archaeology, one first-class master program in the discipline of World History, and one second-level master program in the discipline of Tourism Management. Also, there are two key provincial-level disciplines: Chinese History and Archaeology, one key provincial construction discipline: Tourism Management, and two doctoral research stations in disciplines of Chinese History and Archaeology. Since its establishment, the Department of History has become a prestigious one in Shanxi University for its collection of famous teachers, including Mr. Yan Zonglin, expertised in studies of Chinese and western communication history, Mr. Ma Feibai, researcher in History of the Qin Dynasty, Mr. Zhou Chuanru, received his doctoral diploma in Britain majoring Ancient Chinese History, Mr. Liang Yuandong, expert in History of Chinese Political System, Mr. Luo Yuanzhen, focusing on Tang History studies, Mr. Chen Chao, expert in Modern World History, Mr. Ban Shuge, expert in Historiography, Mr. Hao Shuhou, expert in Local History , Mr. Wang Jiwu, expert in studies of Asian History, Mr. Guo Wuzhen, expert of Modern Chinese History, Mr. Qiao Zhiqiang, pioneer in the study of Modern Chinese Social History, Mr. Jiang Di, expert in studies of Nian Army History, and Mr. Cheng Renqian, expert in the History of International Relations. The school currently has a faculty of 96 teachers, including 26 professors and 33 associate professors,with 60% having senior professional titles, and 86 teachers have doctoral degrees, accounting for 90% of the faculty. At present, aiming to the goal of building Shanxi University into a high-level research university with distinctive regional characteristics, the School is paying common efforts to make connotative development with improving quality as the core for a better future!