School of Fine Arts

The School of Fine Arts of Shanxi University is the art higher education unit with the longest history, the most complete professional direction and the most perfect school running level in Shanxi Province. More than 60 years of school running has formed the cultural tradition of“the ink with the times,art spreads the spirit”,the academic orientation of "merging the essence of Chinese and Western arts and promoting the cultural characteristics of Shanxi” and the excellent style of study of “Being with deep cultural background , pioneering and innovative”. Relying on the profound cultural accumulation of Shanxi University and the discipline advantages of comprehensive universities, the School of Fine Arts of Shanxi University meets the needs of the strategy of strengthening Shanxi Province with culture and the development of comprehensive supporting reform pilot area, cultivates professionals with creative thinking and cultural personality, becomes an important base for cultivating high-level art talents in our province, and has made contributions to the prosperity of local culture and economic and social development.

The School of Fine Arts of Shanxi University now has two Master of Fine Arts (MFA) professional degree programs: doctor of Arts Theory, master of Arts Theory and Art Design. The school has 7 majors: Fine Arts, Painting (first-class majors in Shanxi Province) (including Traditional Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Printmaking and Experimental Art), Calligraphy, Sculpture, Environmental Design (national first-class majors) (Interior Design, Landscape Design and Public Art), Visual Communication Design and Digital Media Art; 5 research institutes (Art and Rural Construction Research Center of Rural Revitalization Research Institute of Shanxi University, Art Research Institute, Design Art Research Institute, Calligraphy Art Research Institute and Landscape Science Research Institute) and 9 social academic groups.