School of Education Science

School of Education Science was founded in 1929. During more than 90 years of development, it went through several phases with accompanying title changes, such as the Shanxi Provincial College of Education, the Department of Education of the College of Liberal Arts of the National Shanxi University, the Department of Education of Normal College of Shanxi University, the Department of Education of Shanxi University, and the School of Education Science of Shanxi University. Since 1929, more than 1000 graduate students and nearly 5000 undergraduate students have graduated from the School of Education Science. The school has 2 first-level disciplines authorized to offer master degrees in Education and Psychology, and it is a training unit for national master program in Education. It has three undergraduate programs in Education, Applied Psychology, and Preschool Education, among which Education program is a brand discipline in Shanxi Province that was rated as the first-class undergraduate discipline construction base in 2019.  Psychology program was rated as the first-class undergraduate discipline construction base in 2020.

As of April, 2022, among 56 faculty members, 46 are teachers, including 13 professors and 21 associate professors, accounting for 74% of all teachers; 35 teachers have Ph.D., accounting for 76% of all teachers; 3 top-notch backbone talents, 14 young outstanding talents, 1 supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University by Ministry of Education; 1 Shanxi Province “131” leading talent, 1 Shanxi Province distinguished teacher, 1 Shanxi Province institutions of higher learning top-notch innovative young talent, 2 Shanxi Province academics and technology leaders, 1 Shanxi Province institutions of higher learning outstanding young academic leader; 1 was among “San Jin Talents” supporting plan for high-end leading talents in 2018; 1 receives the State Council special allowance; 1 is honored with Psychologist of China title; 12 hold director and executive director positions at national academic organizations; many teachers have visiting experiences at well-known universities in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, etc. Compared with similar disciplines in the field, the overall academic level of the School of Education Science is in a leading position.

The School of Education Science has a library, a psychology lab, a piano room, and a dancing studio. There are over 20,000 professional books, 190 professional newspapers, and 10,000 bound periodicals at the school library. The psychology lab, which was approved as Shanxi Province experimental teaching demonstration center of psychology, covers an area of about 300 square meters. In order to create better conditions for teaching and scientific research, the psychology lab sets up a basic psychology lab, a counseling center, and is equipped with more than a hundred pieces of advanced experimental instruments.

With more than 90 years of development, the School of Education Science has a tradition of endorsing clear direction and rigorous scholarship. Guoya Shi, Yuchao Ding, Zhihua Xin and other older generations of educators and psychologists were long engaged in teaching and scientific research, which helped form a great academic atmosphere of “being diligent and being pragmatic, seeking truth and pursuing goodness”. Since the new century, the school has actively conducted theoretical and practical explorations in the fields such as education, psychology, and management. In this process, there has emerged a group of young and middle-aged scholars who have led the formation of unique research characteristics, have had a significant impact on domestic academic circles, and have made substantial progress in discipline construction.

In addition to placing emphasis on teaching and scientific research, the School of Education Science attaches great importance to social services. The school has undertaken self-taught examinations service and training service for teachers of institutions of higher learning for more than 20 years. In recent years, it has taken on new responsibilities such as psychological consultant training, and “National Training Plan”. Experts in the fields such as education, psychology, and management have developed a series of “professional services in education” programs. Currently, the school provides not only characteristic education training for schools and universities (e.g., classroom teaching art training, contemporary Education philosophy training, the latest education teaching methods training, management approach and art training), but also consultation and research services regarding education planning and decision making for local government and Educational administration organizations, especially “weak school transformation” tracking services for relatively weak schools.

At present, in accordance with Shanxi University’s goal of building a high-level research university with distinctive regional characteristics, the School of Education Science adheres to the idea of “grasp discipline construction to promote development, grasp faculty construction to improve quality, grasp management to enhance efficiency”; strengthens infrastructure construction, discipline construction, basic academic organization construction; follows the working direction of the trinity system combining teaching, scientific research, and social services; cultivates high-level academic teams; publishes top-level research results; fosters good-quality professionals; invents much-needed education products for regional education development; and aims to achieve the school’s goal of “having an impact across the nation, playing a leading role in the province”. We believe that with the joint efforts of all teachers and students, the School of Education Science will definitely make new achievements in talent-training, scientific research, social services and other related areas!