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  • Alumni wins honor for Shanxi University

    Updated : 2017-01-12

    Xie Jianwei, one of Shanxi University’s most prestigious alumni, earned first prize at the State Science and Technology Progress Awards hosted by the National Science and Technology Awards Conference held at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on Jan 5.

  • Shanxi University, a model for creative education

    Updated : 2017-01-10

    Shanxi University was recognized as one of China’s 99 model institutions for accomplishments in creativity and career development.

  • University leaders engage in poverty relief work

    Updated : 2017-01-06

    Major leaders of Shanxi University, including Party Secretary Shi Shuai, Deputy Party Secretary Ding Yaowu and Vice President Han Yonghong, sought to further the university’s poverty alleviation project in the poverty-stricken areas of Shanxi province on Jan 5.

  • SXU publishes significant crystal materials studies

    Updated : 2017-01-04

    Shanxi University’s Crystal Materials Research Institute recently published some significant findings in ACS Nano.

  • Intangible cultural heritage showcase at SXU

    Updated : 2017-01-03

    Shanxi University (SXU), the only academic institution in China’s Shanxi province appointed to a trial project aimed at developing intangible cultural heritage inheritors, made a splash showcasing its outcomes on Jan 1.

  • SXU professor makes its low-carbon findings known worldwide

    Updated : 2017-01-03

    Wu Dongsheng, a professor from Shanxi University’s School of Economics and Management, recently made a world tour of academic exchanges centered on low-carbon research.

  • Shanxi University steps up for big data

    Updated : 2016-12-29

    Shanxi University announced the establishment of a new college and research institute to help boost the big data industry of Shanxi province at a ceremony held on Dec 27.

  • Confucius Institutes

    The Confucius Institutes are set up worldwide by the Chinese Language Council International to promote Chinese language and culture.

  • Enrollment of Foreign Students in Shanxi University

    Join us and explore our wide range of study programs and enjoy a first class educational experience that makes you a part of a lively global community.

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