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  • Exhibition to observe SXU's 115th anniversary

    Updated : 2017-05-12

    To celebrate Shanxi University's 115th anniversary, it has invited artworks from 10 Z14 universities from Midwest China, to showcase their talents in a week-long exhibition from May 8.

  • Institutes of Biomedical Sciences founded at SXU

    Updated : 2017-05-11

    Following three years of preparation, the Institutes of Biomedical Sciences has been established at Shanxi University (SXU) on May 8.

  • University of Adelaide seeks partnership with SXU

    Updated : 2017-05-10

    A delegation from Australia's University of Adelaide visited Shanxi University on May 9 to seek a partnership with the university.

  • Shanxi University builds new campus

    Updated : 2017-05-09

    The Shanxi Development and Reform Commission recently approved the building of a new Shanxi University campus, releasing details on the first stage of the project to the public on May 8.

  • SXU opens Quantum Materials Center

    Updated : 2017-05-09

    The Quantum Materials Center of Shanxi University (SXU) was founded on May 6, financially backed by Shanxi High-Tech Huaye Electronic Group (Huaye).

  • SXU shines at innovation and entrepreneurship contest

    Updated : 2017-05-08

    Eight entries from Shanxi University were recently on display at the 15th "Challenge Cup" Shanxi Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition at Taiyuan University of Technology on May 3.

  • Bank of China to help build SXU smart campus

    Updated : 2017-05-08

    The Shanxi branch of Bank of China will partner with Shanxi University (SXU) to develop the university's new Dongshan campus into a smart campus, according to an agreement signed on May 5.

  • Confucius Institutes

    The Confucius Institutes are set up worldwide by the Chinese Language Council International to promote Chinese language and culture.

  • Enrollment of Foreign Students in Shanxi University

    Join us and explore our wide range of study programs and enjoy a first class educational experience that makes you a part of a lively global community.

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