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  • Wucheng campus holds convocation to welcome class of 2017

    Updated : 2017-09-17

    A convocation was held to welcome freshmen at Wucheng Campus of Shanxi University in Taiyuan on Sept 14.

  • SXU chancellor visits Norway and Germany

    Updated : 2017-09-14

    Jia Suotang, chancellor of Shanxi University (SXU), paid a visit to the University College of Southeast Norway (USN) and University of Cologne (UoC) to seek academic collaboration and scientific exchanges.

  • Han Zhiqiang wins advertising award

    Updated : 2017-09-14

    Han Zhiqiang receives an award for being one of the most outstanding advertisers in China during an awards ceremony in Beijing on Sept 2.

  • 25 years on, C.N. Yang returns to SXU

    Updated : 2017-09-13

    C.N. Yang, the Nobel Prize winner and world-renowned physicist, paid a visit to Shanxi University (SXU) in Taiyuan.

  • SXU wins gold at national freestyle swimming

    Updated : 2017-09-12

    Cao Yue from Shanxi University won gold at women’s 400m freestyle swimming at the 13th National Student Sports Games of China held in Hangzhou on Sept 11.

  • SXU student ranks fourth in cycling and running biathlon

    Updated : 2017-08-28

    Guo Yiheng from the School of Physical Education of Shanxi University (SXU) won fourth place during the men’s cycling and running biathlon, part of a new triathlon series, at the 13th National Games of China, in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province on Aug 16.

  • SXU wins big at national electronics contest

    Updated : 2017-08-28

    Students from Shanxi University (SXU) won a total of 18 prizes during the National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest, including six provincial-level first prizes and second prizes for 10 different projects.

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