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  • SXU leaders visit villages to support poverty relief efforts

    Updated : 2017-11-04

    Some 29 faculty members from Shanxi University, led by the president, Jia Suotang, and vice-president, Han Yonghong visited two poor villages named Qinglu and Xilishang located in Jingle county, Xinzhou city in Shanxi province, to support local poverty relief efforts, on Nov 1.

  • SXU holds meeting on national projects

    Updated : 2017-11-03

    Shanxi University held an exchange meeting on major national projects such as the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), at Shanxi University, on Oct 30.

  • RIPP deputy-chief engineer lectures at SXU

    Updated : 2017-11-03

    Zong Baoning, deputy-chief engineer of Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing (RIPP), delivered a lecture on national project application and production technology of organic chemicals, at Shanxi University, on Oct 30.

  • Paul Drew employed as special term professor by SXU

    Updated : 2017-11-01

    Paul Drew, vice-chairman of the International Association of Conversation Analysts (ISCA) and professor of conversation analysis at Loughborough University, delivered a lecture at Shanxi University, on Oct 30.

  • SXU education department holds academic forum

    Updated : 2017-11-01

    The education department of Shanxi University held an academic forum for graduate students at Shanxi University, on Oct 22.

  • SXU environmental engineering department holds first forum

    Updated : 2017-11-01

    The environmental engineering department of Shanxi University held its first academic forum for young teachers, at Shanxi University, on Oct 21.

  • Harvard professor lectures in SXU

    Updated : 2017-10-31

    Harvard professor lectures in SXUOfer Bar-Yosef, a professor of archaeology at Harvard University, delivered a lecture at Shanxi University on Oct 25.

  • Confucius Institutes

    The Confucius Institutes are set up worldwide by the Chinese Language Council International to promote Chinese language and culture.

  • Enrollment of Foreign Students in Shanxi University

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