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  • Inner Mongolia university delegation investigate labs at SXU

    Updated : 2017-03-30

    A delegation from Inner Mongolia University came to Shanxi University (SXU) on March 24 to investigate key laboratories.

  • Medical expert visits Shanxi University

    Updated : 2017-03-28

    Professor Qu Zhican, a former member of the Southern Research Institute in Birmingham of the United States, delivered a speech on innovation biotechnology at Shanxi University on March 24.

  • Music experts lecture at SXU

    Updated : 2017-03-27

    Deng Xiaojun, a professor from the Central Conservatory of Music, and Meng Zhaoyi, a famous actress, both spoke at the music school of Shanxi University recently.

  • SXU publishes significant crystal materials discovery

    Updated : 2017-03-22

    Shanxi University's Institute of Crystalline Materials has made a significant breakthrough in highly selective hydrogenation of nitroaromatics, which has great application potential in chemical manufacturing.

  • Loughborough University promotes study program at SXU

    Updated : 2017-03-22

    Caroline Feeley, international partnerships manager from the International Office at Loughborough University, visited Shanxi University (SXU) on March 8 to promote the exchange program between the two sides.

  • Irish scholar lectures at SXU

    Updated : 2017-03-20

    Professor Sarah Culloty from the University College Cork delivered a speech on the protection of native shellfish in Europe through disease control technologies at Shanxi University on March 10.

  • Art school reforms teaching scheme

    Updated : 2017-03-16

    Shanxi University's academy of fine arts held a conference on March 9 to discuss a teaching scheme reform to the sculpture department.

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