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Yangtze River Scholar appointed as SXU professor

Updated : 2018-09-11

Jiang Yi, a member of Yangtze River Scholar Program issued by China’s Ministry of Education, was appointed as a professor of Shanxi University (SXU) in Taiyuan.

Shi Shuai, secretary of the Party Committee of SXU, conveyed warm welcome to Jiang and said the school will support the teaching and research work of Jiang.

Sun Shixin, inspector of the Education Department of Shanxi, attended the appointment ceremony. Jia Suotang, chancellor of SXU, issued a letter of appointment to Jiang.

Jiang mentioned the philosophical subjects in SXU have made big progress in recent years and he is grateful to join in the team and make effort to the development of discipline construction.

Jia introduced the teaching concept and tradition of the school and reviewed the cooperation projects with Beijing Normal University. Shanxi University has received support and assistance from Beijing Normal University in various subject areas, added he.

The joining of Professor Jiang will definitely promote the construction of key disciplines of philosophy in the School of Philosophy and Sociology, especially to bring energy into high-quality academic research.

Jiang Yi, born In Yibin, Sichuan province in 1961, earned a bachelor’s degree in Sichuan Normal University in 1982 and a master’s degree in Nankai University in 1985. Then he studied in the Philosophy Department of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, earned a PhD in 1991. He was the former dean of the Philosophy School of Beijing Normal University.

Jiang is a recipient of the special government allowance of the State Council, subject review expert of Projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China, secretary-general of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Philosophy Department of the Ministry of Education, honorary chairman of China Modern Foreign Philosophy Society, and chairman of the Beijing Philosophical Society.

His main research areas are analytic philosophy, Wittgenstein's philosophy, linguistic philosophy, metaphysical research, and comparative studies of modern Anglo-American philosophy and European philosophy.

He has presided over and accomplished several national-level social science fund projects and major projects of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Publication of his representative work "Wittgenstein: a post-philosophy culture", "Western philosophy towards the new century", "Modern Anglo-American analytic philosophy", "Mirror image of thought - from the perspective of philosophical topology", and other works,

He has written, edited and co-authored more than 10 books and 10 translations, and published more than 300 papers in Chinese and English on important philosophic journals.

Yangtze River Scholar appointed as SXU professor
Shi Shuai (left) holds talks with Jiang Yi at Shanxi University in Taiyuan. [Photo/sxu.edu.cn]

Yangtze River Scholar appointed as SXU professor

Jia Suotang (right) hands over the appointment letter to Jiang Yi at Shanxi University in Taiyuan. [Photo/sxu.edu.cn]

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