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SXU Party committee holds panel discussion on Constitution Amendments

Updated : 2018-03-23

Shanxi University (SXU) Party Committee convened a panel discussion regarding the Amendments to the Constitution on March 14.

The Amendments to Constitution objectively reflect the new progress and needs of the country’s social development and conforms to the national conditions and times.

The Constitution Amendments stand at the height of perfecting the system of improving the Party and the country’s leadership and advancing the modernization of the country’s governance system.

It has made a series of major institutional arrangements that fully reflect the common will of the Party and the people in the new era.

The meeting called for conscientiously implementing the Constitution. First, the university should work hard on learning and educating teachers and students about the content. The Party committee at all levels of the university must quickly set off an upsurge of studying the Constitution Amendments.

The second is to work hard on publicity and interpretation of the Constitution Amendments. All Party members and leading cadres must take the lead in learning, giving lectures, and promoting towards school teachers and students.

The university’s publicity department should make full use of the Internet, radio, newspapers, and new media platforms to carefully plan and focus on reporting. It can adopt a variety of forms to create a strong atmosphere of public opinion, vigorously promote the significance and main content of the Constitution Amendments.

The third is to put efforts in implementing the Constitution Amendments. We should fully implement the basic strategy of governing the country according to law, adopt the Constitution as the highest legal norm, and constantly improve the internal norms and systems at all levels.

SXU Party committee holds panel discussion on Constitution Amendments

Officials attend a panel discussion on the Constitution Amendments at Shanxi University on March 14. [Photo/sxu.edu.cn]


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