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25 years on, C.N. Yang returns to SXU

By Zhao Xiao

Updated : 2017-09-13

C.N. Yang, the Nobel Prize winner and world-renowned physicist, paid a visit to Shanxi University (SXU) in Taiyuan from Sept 3 to 6. Academic symposiums and forums were convened to discuss subjects in quantum physics, symmetry, and phase factors.

Shi Shuai, secretary of Shanxi University Party Committee, conveyed a warm welcome to doctor Yang. Shi praised his pivotal work in physics, and extraordinary enthusiasm and contributions to scientific research.

Back in June 1992, doctor Yang was invited to attend a seminar concerning quantum physics hosted by SXU, during which he delivered an academic report on physic symmetrization. On June 13, 1992, Yang was recognized as an honorary professor of SXU, following his work at some of China’s top universities such as Peking and Fudan universities.

Yang recalled being at SXU 25 years ago and being impressed when he inspected the optoelectronics institute, molecular science research center, and physics laboratory.

On Sept 4, Yang delivered a report for teachers and students at SXU Boya Auditorium. He talked about the progress made in physics during the 20th century, referring to nuclear energy, semiconductors, and atomic structure.

Yang visited a national-level lab focusing on studying quantum optics and optical quantum devices and heard about the current work of researchers.

Apart from his work in physics, Yang is fascinated by Chinese literature, history and culture. In Taiyuan, he also toured ancestral shrines, grottoes, and museums in order to experience more of Shanxi’s culture and society.

On Sept 6, scores of scientists and professors gathered at SXU to attend a symposium, to discuss the future development of theoretical physics, the training of students in the physical sciences, and quantum theory and its applications.

"If someone asks me today what my most valuable achievement is, I will probably say, the most crucial contribution that I made is that I have put Chinese science on the map," explained Yang.

25 years on, C.N. Yang returns to SXU
C.N. Yang gives a speech at Shanxi University in Taiyuan on Sept 4, 2017. [Photo/sxu.edu.cn]

25 years on, C.N. Yang returns to SXU

C.N. Yang (second from left) visits an optoelectronics lab at Shanxi University in Taiyuan on Sept 4, 2017. [Photo/sxu.edu.cn]

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