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Minnesota professors lecture at SXU


Updated : 2017-06-14

Minnesota professors lecture at SXU

Chen Anping (second from left), dean of the School of Physical Education, presents awards at Shanxi University to three professors from the University of Minnesota on June 12. [Photo/sxu.edu.cn]

Three professors from the School of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota visited Shanxi University (SXU) on June 12 at the invitation of the School of Physical Education, lecturing on the importance of exercise for the elderly.

Juergen Konczak, a professor of biomechanics and neurology, delivered a report titled The Link between Body Awareness and Movement Control in Ageing, which introduced the importance of body awareness on movement control.

Michael Wade, a professor of neurology, delivered a lecture titled Assessment of Movement Skills and Perceptual Judgment in Atypical Aging. He revealed that posture is a vital part of the perceptual-action system, taking Alzheimer's disease as an example.

Professor Li Li Ji, an expert in biochemical and molecular exercise physiology, explained the impact of exercise and gene transfection in the biological mechanism of sarcopenia.

The lectures inspired listeners to discover more about health issues related to the elderly and provided new ways of thinking for students when choosing research topics and designing experiments.


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