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Shanxi University promotes cooperation with IoT industry


Updated : 2017-04-17

Shanxi University (SXU) intends to strengthen cooperation with businesses in the internet of things (IoT) sector, in a bid to improve teaching at its computer and information technology school.

Representatives from SXU and the IoT industry in Shanxi province gathered at the university on April 12 to discuss details of the cooperation.

Chen Fangqin, vice-president of SXU, extended a warm welcome to enterprise representatives and gave her expectations for the partnership.

"SXU's key labs and the innovation center can work with enterprises on research and finance, and to win more support from the provincial government," said Chen. "The two sides should learn and meet each other’s demands and establish a long-tern partnership."

Li Ning, a senior officer from Shanxi Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, saw bright prospects for the partnership, considering the growth of the IoT and big data industries in the province.

During the conference, representatives from 11 IoT businesses explained their advantages and requirements in technological support and professional workers.

The two sides also exchanged ideas on the student intern program, the sharing of information and resources, and methods to improve the economic benefits of the industry.