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Medical expert visits Shanxi University


Updated : 2017-03-28

Medical expert visits Shanxi University

Professor Qu Zhican delivers a speech at Shanxi University on March 24. [Photo/sxu.edu.cn]

Professor Qu Zhican, a former member of the Southern Research Institute in Birmingham of the United States, delivered a speech on innovation in nano-antibody biological medicine and the development of the biotechnology industry at Shanxi University (SXU) on March 24.

During the speech, Qu discussed the importance of and prospects for the medical industry. She emphasized Shanxi province's rich resources in medicinal plants, which could be a great advantage in the development of medical technology there.

She also suggested improvements in biotechnology disciplines at SXU.

"The transformation of technological achievements into real products is as essential as research and development," she said. "To further develop the medical industry requires more international cooperation."

After the speech, teachers and students at SXU held a lively discussion and exchange of ideas with Qu on genetically modified food, nano-antibody research and the cost of biological medicine.

Qu was born in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi province, in 1959. She received her doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and has several earned patents in biological medicine. She returned to Shanxi from the United States in 2016 and established a company specializing in the research and development of anticarcinogen medicines.