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Regulation on receiving social donations of Shanxi University

Updated : 2015-09-18

To protect the university’s resources it has drawn up regulation to standardize receipt of funds and protect the rights donors in line with China’s Welfare Donation Law and the university’s own reform needs in the following ways.

Article I. Principles

1.Voluntary All alumni, faculty, students of Shanxi University and enterprises, public institutions, organizations or people generally can donate funds for university construction work and development, or for celebrations.

2.Legality All donations should be made in line with national laws and university rules and in the public interest. Donations are protected by law and no unit or individual can encroach upon or divert them.

3.Reciprocity Donations should be made willingly and the donor has the right to express a preference for their use in line with university construction and development needs.


Donations are to be used in accordance with the donation agreement and their use should be open to the public and the donor has thee right to know the use and management of the donation and suggest possibilities for its use.

Article II. Methods Donations can be categorized in the following ways:

1.Monetary or property

2.Designated or non-designated usage

3.Title or non-title The nature of the donation is decided by the university and the donor through negotiations.

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Article III. Project donations Depending on its use, project donations can be categorized as follows:

1.Infrastructure and facilities: landscaping, facilities, buildings, houses, and seats.

2.Funds: scholarships, subsidies for poor students, student activity awards, teacher awards, training for young teachers, teaching and research development, and alumni gatherings.

3.Publications and equipment: various book types on teaching and scientific research, as well as devices and equipment.

4.Anniversary celebrations: shows, academic activities, museum, archives university history books, souvenirs.

5.Annual alumni donation projects: amount of each alumni donation is the same as the school’s anniversary of the university year, so, 108 yuan($16.87) for 2010, 109 yuan for 2011, and so forth. They can make a donation each year or donate a sum of several years at one time.

6.Alumni connected projects: alumni magazine, website and database, gatherings.

7.Projects that benefit education as agreed upon by donors.

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