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Jia Gaojian

Updated : 2015-09-16

<BR>Jia Gaojian

Jia was born in 1959 in Linfen, Shanxi province and is a professor and doctoral supervisor, head of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, and a 1977 graduate of Shanxi University’s foreign language dept.

He is a vice-chairman of the Chinese Society of Historical Materialism, a member of the New Century National Talented People Project, and gets a special stipend from the State Council. He is a former head and chief editor of the Party’s Central Committee Publishing House, a member of the Party School committee, and director of its philosophy and research dept.

Jia has years of experience in theoretical research and management, with a specialization in Marxist philosophy and a focus on theory and strategies of social development. His publications include “Social Development Theory and Social Development Strategy”, “Introduction to Contemporary Social Forms”, and many other books.