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Enrollment of Foreign Students in Shanxi University

Updated : 2015-08-05

VI. Why Shanxi University?

The school is widely recognized for its research, development and innovation and being here as a student gives you a truly unique opportunity to improve your Chinese language proficiency and work with some of the most influential academics in your field. You will be able to develop your special skills, increase your understanding of many things and gain new insights and as new perspective for your career ahead. Whether you plan to seek employment or continue your studies in China or elsewhere in the world, you will find the very best in research and learning opportunities here. So, why not join us and explore our wide range of study programs and enjoy a first class educational experience that makes you a part of a lively global community. Shanxi University warmly welcomes you and gives you the following:

1. Taiyuan

Shanxi province is a cradle of Chinese civilizations and has magnificent mountains and rivers, natural resources, and an old culture along with many historical sites famous nationwide. The city of Taiyuan is its capital and has a history of more than 2,500 years so it has many historical and cultural sites, for example, the old city of Pingyao, a world cultural heritage site, the Yungang Grottos, and Wutai Mountain, a prominent Buddhist site. It is also the political, financial, cultural, and international exchange center of the province and an important new product site with sophisticated manufacturing companies. It is a transportation hub for the province and only 3-hours by train and 50-minutes by plane from Beijing, China’s capital. It modern international airport and train station make travel very convenient.

2. The university today

Shanxi University was developed by the Education Ministry and Shanxi government, and at the same time has a glorious tradition of “Knowing both East and West, seeking goodness and truth, valuing virtue and talent, and strengthening oneself and serving the country”. It has a school spirit of being diligent, strict, honest and creative, and has provided a great deal of expertise for the country and has contributed a great deal to the cause of education and revitalizing the nation. It has key State disciplines and state of the art laboratories and research centers, all of which provide a solid academic and research foundation.

3. Faculty

Shanxi University has top-quality teaching and remarkable achievements in developing student skills. It has 2,355 full-time teachers, 1,194 of them with advanced academic titles. There are lecturers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, outstanding professional and technical personnel, model teachers, and experts here along with State innovative research groups, State teaching teams and research groups supported by the Ministry of Education.

4. Students

The school has 21,011 undergraduates and 6,948 graduates full time has and its students have won many national competitions. It has consistently ranked among the top universities in graduate placement and by now has more than 100,000 graduates, most of them occupying very good positions.

5. Disciplines

Shanxi University has 3 academic worksites, 14 post-doc mobile research sites, 83 undergraduate programs, 156 master’s programs, and 42 doctoral programs, making it a comprehensive national university.

6. Campus

The campus covers a 173.33 hectares area and has 1,200,000 square meters of floor space, and has a “Green and Garden-like” designation from the provincial government. of the library has 3.6 million books and 2,535 GB e-books, and there are additional teaching and research instruments worth more than 500 million yuan. The campus consists of two parts -- a northern part with buildings in an elegant, traditional design, and a southern part with many stylish modern buildings. A very humane, serene atmosphere permeates the entire campus, making it perfectly suited to both stud and living.

7. International exchanges

Shanxi University’s international exchanges have grown considerably and it has relations with more than 50 universities and institutions in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and other countries. In November 2009, it cooperated with Pfeiffer University in the US in setting up a Confucius Institute, which has provided more opportunities for international students to study in China.

8. Scholarships

Shanxi University has the Chinese Government Scholarship, the Confucius Institute Scholarship for students worldwide, and a Shanxi University Scholarship for international students.

9. Flexible admissions

If your Chinese proficiency does not meet the undergraduate or graduate admission standards at Shanxi University, you can study Chinese language at the School of International Education and Exchanges, which has special classes for international students at different levels. Professional, experienced Chinese teachers can easily help you master the Chinese language quickly and we will help you overcome all your language difficulties.

10. Life at Shanxi University

The school lets you experience a study environment that is full of energy and incentives, with many student groups eagerly waiting to welcome you and introduce you to interesting activities. We’re certain you will enjoy university life on our campus.

11. Security on campus

Student and faculty safety are an important part of life here and we have considerably improved our campus to ensure the safety of everyone, with highly trained security guards patrolling the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our goal is to guarantee everyone’s safety and comfort day and night for a more pleasant, comfortable environment.


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