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Research sites

Updated : 2015-07-17

Key Education Ministry Humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute

Philosophy of Science and Technology Research Center

Key Shanxi Province Humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute

Regional Society Historical Studies Center

Management and Decision Making Studies Center

Tourism Studies Center

Chinese National Culture Studies Center

Marxism with Chinese Characteristics Research Center

Local Higher Education Studies Center

Dialect and Orally-transmitted Cultural Classics Research Center

Shanxi Province Innovation and Base Construction Program

Shanxi Culture and Social Transformation

Shanxi University Humanities and Social Sciences Cooperation and Innovation Center

Philosophy and Modernity

Shanxi Culture Inheritance and Preservation

Transformation and Development of Resource-oriented Economy

Research Units at the University Level

Science, Technology and Society Research Institute

Traditional Chinese Culture Research Institute

History of Chinese Society Research Center

Management and Decision Research Institute

Marxism Research Institute

Linguistics Research Institute

Jin-merchants Studies Research Institute

Business Administration Research Institute

Physical Education Science Research Institute