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Updated : 2015-07-16

III. Employment terms

1. SXU provides career development funds for PhDs as follows:



Development fund

Sciences and engineering

Paper in Q1 or Q2, Sci 

100,000—180,000 yuan

Paper in Q3 or Q4, Sci

60,000—120,000 yuan

Liberal arts

Paper at A or T level

80,000—120,000 yuan

Paper at C or B level

60,000—90,000 yuan

Dadongguan campus

Paper collected by SCI, Journal collected by EI or personal invention 

100,000—180,000 yuan

Foreign PhD or more than 3-years postdoc experience abroad

Research result evaluation

100,000—150,000 yuan

Research result evaluation

100,000—200,000 yuan



50,000 yuan


1. Only for the results of doctoral or postdoc period as first author.

2. Papers collected by SCI are subject to the annual JCR quartile.

3. Papers of liberal arts are subject to provisions Social Sciences Dept.

4. For exact amount, refer to Decision on career development funds for PhD teachers of Shanxi University [2013]24.

2. Getting settled

Overseas PhDs and postdocs can get a pretax amount of 220,000 yuan ($35,442) with housing subsidy, half of it at the start of work, the remainder to be paid over a 2-year period. PhDs and postdocs at home can get a pretax amount of 180,000 yuan with housing subsidy, half of it at the start of work, the rest over a 2-year period.

3. Posting

Overseas PhDs and postdocs will get 45,000 yuan per year for posting and additional allowance based on performance from the third year on. PhDs and postdocs at home get 37,000 yuan per year for posting, and an additional allowance based on performance from the third year on.

4. Other Services

Shanxi University provides PhDs career development funds and a well-equipped work environment and takes pride in providing better salaries and welfare than do universities of a similar scale or in the same region. Their children can receive a quality education at our affiliated kindergarten and primary and middle schools. IV. Necessary materials

1. Resume with basic information, study and work experience, position, title, and CET-6.

2. Research results, original copies of papers or works published, research programs completed or underway, research awards, and patents.

3. Anyone with a degree from overseas must provide the original Diploma or Certificate issued by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges.

4. Recommendations from at least two experts in the same field. V. Interview

1. Procedure: After online registration with the hiring office, the Personnel Division will conduct a preliminary examination of the applicant, followed by a professional evaluation by experts, then an interview and discussion by experts from the same field with the steering committee.

2. Content: Applicants are expected to deliver an academic report of about 10 minutes, followed by questioning by experts for five minutes.

3. Interviews are held in January, March, April, and June. For exceptional overseas talent, we are available at your convenience. Register through Faculty Hiring System, Shanxi University, at: -- education network -- netcom


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