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Faculty Hiring

Updated : 2015-07-16

I. Vacancies

1. Academic/teaching Post in Engineering

The university now invites applicants who major in Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics, Instrument Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Environmental Science of Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Optical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering (with an engineering background),or Food science and Engineering.

2. Academic/teaching Post in Sciences

The university now invites applicants who major in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Science of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Statistics, History of Science or Technology.

3. Academic/teaching Post in Management

The university now invites applicants who major in Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration (Accounting, Tourism Management, Business Administration), Public Administration, or Library Information and Archives Management

4. Academic/teaching Post in Humanities and Social Sciences

The university now invites applicants who major in Philosophy, Law, Politics, History, Archeology, Marxist Theory, Chinese Language Literature, The Theory of Economics and Applied Economics, Sociology, Pedagogy, Psychology, Foreign Language Literature, Journalism and Communication, Artistic Theory, Music and Dance, Drama and Film Studies, Fine Arts, Science of Design, or Science of Physical Culture and Sports.

5. Student Counselor

The university now invites excellent Ph. D holders capable of teaching courses of Political and Ideological Education and Current Situation and Policy.

II. Requirements

Applicants should be:

1. Excellent Chinese or foreigner with PhD.

2. Humanities, Social Sciences, or Management major below the age of 35, Science major below the age of 30, Science major with associate professor title applying for Dadongguan campus below the age of 40.

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