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Shanxi University Scholarship for International Students

Updated : 2015-07-15

Shanxi University established this scholarship program. to follow the Principles of Study in China (wider scale, higher level, better management, guarantee dquality), to attract more top students from all over the world, to cultivate talented people, and for scientific research, social service and cultural communication. The scholarship is meant to help outstanding overseas students working on a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degrees and for language study in Shanxi University and has Excellent Degree, Excellent Language. and Individual categories.


Applicant should be above the age of 18 and in good health, with a foreign passport and should abide by Chinese law and University regulations and respect Chinese customs, and should not be the recipient of any other scholarship.

Bachelor’s: high school degree, and have passed the new Level-4 HSK Exam

Master’s: have an undergraduate degree, and anyone applying for Chinese lessons must have passed the new Level-5 HSK Exam.

PhD: applicants should have obtained the certification of Master Degree, and those who apply for Chinese lessons must have passed new level 5 HSK Exam.

By category: 

Excellent Degree Student Scholarship

a. This scholarship is award to outstanding foreign students at Shanxi University, with a full and partial scholarship, for one year, and depending on the situation ay yhr School of International Education and Exchanges. The details are as follows:



Application date 


Full scholarship

Covers application fee and tuition. but not accommodation

The monthly allowance for undergraduate, master’s and PhD is 1,500 Yuan. 

April 1 – June 30 for autumn semester

Check website for details: http://siee.sxu.edu.cn/en 

Partial scholarship

Covers application fee and tuition, but not accommodation

b. Applicants must submit the following materials (in English or Chinese):

Application Form for Excellent International Degree Scholarship. (http://siee.sxu.edu.cn/)

Graduation certificate and diploma, either original documents or certified copies, in Chinese or English. Students getting a degree should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date. The graduation certificate must be submitted to get the letter of admission.

Official transcript of your academic work to the present, including all courses and grades, with original document or certified copy in Chinese or English.

Personal statement( including research project), see http://siee.sxu.edu.cn/), of about 800 words for master’s, and 1,500 for PhD, either in English or Chinese.

Two letters of recommendation from full or associate professors or a person in a similar position.

Copies of original HSK certificate.

Photocopy of your passport. Passport must be ordinary type.

Resume, see http://siee.sxu.edu.cn/), in Chinese or English.。 Application materials will not be returned.

Excellent Language Scholarship

1. This scholarship is used to support excellent Chinese language students at our university, with the number issued depending on the situation at the School of International Education and Exchange. There are three types, as follows.

Type A: Applicant should be an excellent overseas student with at least a semester of Chinese language study at our school. It allows for a tuition reduction of 30 percent for the following semester. The decision is made on a semester basis.

Type B: Applicant should be an excellent overseas student with at least 1 year of Chinese language study at our school. It allows for a 50-percent tuition cut the following year.

Type C: Applicant should be an excellent overseas student with at least two years of Chinese language study at our school. It allows for a 100-percent tuition cut for the following year.

2. Anyone applying for this scholarship should also meet the following requirements:

Be a registered foreign language student at your own expense planning to continue studies at our school for at least a semester.

Average grade from all courses the previous semester of least 85, with each course being at least 80.

Should not have missed classes for more than 10 class hours. • Must take an active part in sports and social activities organized by the school or the university.

Must not be supported by any other scholarship.

3. Applications for Excellent International Language Students, downloaded from our website, should be submitted before July 5.

Individual Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to international students at our university who have had achievements in academic research, sports, the arts, cultural exchanges, or other activities. An Application Form can be downloaded from the website and must be accompanied by diplomas and proof of achievements within one semester before July 5.

There are three types: A (1,000 yuan), B (3,000 yuan), and C (5,000yuan).

Additional notes:

The School of International Education and Exchanges is in charge of organizing, coordinating and verifying materials. After the application materials are confirmed, the school will make the final decision.

If any scholarship recipient is found to have been involved in cheating or deception in the application process, the school will cancel the application, retract the awards, and impose some form of discipline.

Any applicant who does not register or pay fees on time or who is absent or has dropped out from school without a good reason will be disqualified.

Contact Us:

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International Student Office:

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Email: degreeprogram@sxu.edu.cn hanhh@sxu.edu.cn

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