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Teaching achievements


Updated : 2015-07-15

2003: Shanxi University gets excellent grade in evaluation of undergraduate teaching work from the Ministry of Education.

2007: Shanxi University begins using 3-term system, introducing research-oriented ideas to undergraduate education.

Sept 2009: Shanxi University’s Chumin College begins enrolling students, in a bold new attempt to integrate general education and elite education.

2012: Shanxi University gets five 1st places, four 2nd places, two 3rd places in the province-level teaching competition, and 12 programs get province-level education reform approval.

2013: Physics Major gets excellent rating in graduate quality evaluation.

2014: Shanxi University gets approval for 22 State-level college student innovation and business-start-up training programs, 24 province-level education reform programs, 59 province-level college student innovation and business-start-up training programs.