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Updated : 2015-07-15

State-level Teaching Achievement Award (2nd place)

Reform and construction of curricular system in executive administration specialty of local comprehensive universities (Wang Zhenrong, Du Chuangguo, Dong Jiang’ai, Cao Yongsheng, Wang Xiaochen)

National Quality Open Video Course:

“Regional Social History Theory”, a lecture by Prof Xing Long

“Atomic Physics”, a lecture by Prof Li Changyong

“Political History of Three Kingdoms in Qin and Han Dynasties” a lecture by Prof Wei Guanglai

Quality courses:

State level -

Experiments of Modern Physics, Prof Dong You’er

Atomic Physics, Prof Jia Suotang

An Introduction to Regional Society History, Prof Xing Long

Province level -

College Music, Prof Gao Xing

Spectrum Analysis, Prof Zhang Shengwan

Information Analysis, Prof Pei Chengfa

Data Communication and Computer Network, Tao Shiqun

Classical Chinese, Prof Feng Liangzhen

Modern World History, Prof Wang Rongsheng

College Physics, Prof Li Xiuping

Principles of Database, Prof Li Ru

Information Economics, Prof Li Jingfeng

Animal Biology, Prof Wang Lan

Optics, Prof Gao Jiangrui

Principles of Marxist Philosophy, Prof Qiao Ruijin

Jurisprudence, Prof Zhao Xiaoyun

Executive Administration, Prof Wang Zhenrong

Formal Logic, Prof Bi Fusheng

Environmental Monitoring and Experiments, Prof Xie Jingfang

History of Ancient China, Prof Wei Guanglai

National Textbooks for 11th Five-Year Plan and 12th Five-Year Plan:

Philosophy of Science and Technology, Prof Guo Guichun ed.

An Introduction to History of Modern Chinese Society, Prof Xing Long ed.

An Introduction to Philosophy of Technology, Prof Qiao Ruijin ed.

An Introduction to Administrative Supervision, Prof Wang Zhenrong ed.

Selected Readings from The Book of Poetry and the Odes of Chu, Prof Liu Yuqing

Ecotoxicology, Prof Meng Ziqiang ed.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Assoc Prof Lv Guoying ed.


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