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Teaching reforms


Updated : 2015-07-15

Teaching teams:

State level - teaching team of optical and atomic physics, headed by Prof Jia Suotang; teaching team of history of regional society, headed by Prof Xing Long

Province level - teaching team of intelligent information processing, headed by Prof Li Ru; teaching team of basic biology research room, headed by Prof Wang Lan; teaching team of modern physics experiments, headed by Prof Dong You’er

State-level center for experimental teaching demonstrations:

Center for physics experiments

Center for chemistry experiments

Province-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center:

Biology, Electric Information, Environmental Resources and Biological Engineering, Arts, Advanced Control Project

National Off-campus Practice Base for College Students: History

Laboratory for teaching demonstrations of basic undergraduate courses in Shanxi universities:

Center for physics experiments

Center for chemistry experiments

Center for biology experiments

Center for media experiments

Center for environment and resources experiments