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Teaching reforms


Updated : 2015-07-15

State-level specialties:

Physics, Biological Science, Computer Science and Technology, History

Province-level specialties:

Art and Design, Applied Chemistry, Executive Administration, Chinese Language and Literature, Environmental Science, Law

Provincial brand specialties:

Economics, Jurisprudence, Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics and Applied Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Technology, Biological Science, History, Philosophy, Optical Information Science and Technology, Environmental Science, Accounting, Executive Administration, International Economy and Trade, Applied Chemistry, Education, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Information Management and Information Systems

National base for cultivating legal talent:

The base for cultivating applied and inter-disciplinary legal talent is under Prof Wang Jijun

Innovation experiment zone for talent cultivation in regular institutions of higher learning in Shanxi:

The innovation experimental zone for cultivating executive administration talent in local universities is under Prof Wang ZhenrongThe innovation experimental zone for cultivating inter-disciplinary legal talent at different levels is under Prof Zhang Tianhong

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