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Department of History and Culture

Updated : 2014-11-17

Shanxi University's History and Culture Dept is one of its oldest, with a history of more than 100 years. It has 75 staff members, with 66 teachers and nine instructors and administrators, with 13 professors and 15 associate professors, and 43 PhDs or people studying for a doctor's degree, with a solid foundation, rigorous teaching methods, vitality, and vigor.

The department has Level-1 doctoral degree programs in Chinese history and archeology, a Level-1 master's degree program in world history, a Level-2 master's degree program in tourism management, a key provincial program in modern Chinese history, a key provincial key program in tourism management, and post-doc research facilities for Chinese history and archeology.

The department has always considered teaching and research to be important and its history major is important in Shanxi, with the Introduction to Regional Social History being considered a top national course and its Modern World History and History of Ancient China top provincial courses. And, many of its undergraduate courses are considered outstanding and two of its teachers have been nominated for provincial outstanding teacher awards and two for university outstanding teacher awards. Qiao Zhiqiang's Modern Chinese Social History and Prof Cheng Renqian’s World Economics and Politics have earned Education Ministry Excellent Teaching awards over the last two decades. Three undergraduate textbooks compiled by department professors are used nationally with ministry backing.

The department's teachers have published 926 articles in national and provincial journals, some of which have won national, provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. It is involved in at least 100 research projects with more than 7-million yuan in funding, 20 of them national social science projects and ministry humanities and social sciences projects, which give impetus to undergraduate teaching improvements.

The department has 802 on campus, 573 of them undergraduates, 211 grad students, and 18 doctoral students, many of them from other provinces or autonomous regions. There are 224 undergraduates majoring in history, 253 in tourism management, and 96 in archeology and museum studies.

The department has always considered foreign academic exchanges important and, in recent years, has sent more than 20 faculty members to other universities in china or abroad and has helped organize almost a dozen national and international academic conferences, inviting many visiting professors from universities and research institutes in at least two dozen countries.


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